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Proven effective against viruses, bacteria, molds, mites and spores.

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UV-C Light is Proven Effective Against
Viruses, Bacteria, Molds, Mites and Spores.


UV-C light has been used extensively for more than 40 years for air, water and surfaces to disinfect and destroy micro-organisms. This natural technology can play a valuable part in your protection strategy.

Gain the peace of mind knowing your space is germ and virus free!

Disinfect a small area or items in 30-60 SECONDS:
(with close range exposure of 12 inches or less)

  • Fresh Groceries and Bags
  • Delivered Packages and Mail
  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Toys
  • Work Space
  • Kitchen
  • Shoes and Clothes

Disinfect a 10ft x 12ft room within 30-60 MINUTES:

1. Leave the room while the light is disinfecting the space.
2. Absolutely keep children and pets away!
3. Remove plants from room.
4. After disinfecting the space, the air will contain ozone and should be ventilated with fresh air.


How Does UV-C Light Work?

If you’ve ever gotten a sunburn, you’ve had a taste of how UV light kills micro-organisms. Without getting too technical, UV light damages the DNA sequences in micro-organisms. This leaves them unable to properly function, replicate or cause disease.

Does UV-C Work for COVID-19?

We can look to previous coronaviruses, such as SARS and MERS, for insight. Studies on both SARS and MERS show that UV light could inactivate the viruses, so it’s reasonable to expect that it will have a similar effect on COVID-19.  Recent scientific research has shown as much.

HOWEVER, we simply can't claim this product is effective against COVID-19.  Please do your own research and make a personal decision.  This absolutely should not replace the CDC guidelines of social distancing, hand-washing, and wearing masks in public.

A word of caution...

UV light should never be used to treat people directly! It should ONLY be used to disinfect surfaces, air and water.

The same properties of UV light that damage the DNA of micro-organisms can also damage skin, eyes and plants with extended exposure!


Disinfect your space and regain your peace of mind!
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Options: USA or EU Plug Type
Specifications: 220V
Type: Germicidal UV-C Light Tube
Application areas: Home/Office/Auto
Lamp type: T5 (G5), 8 watts
Glass bulb type: Round tube
Disinfection area: 12m² (approximately a 10 x 12 foot room)
Suggested sterilization time: 30-60 minutes for whole room or 30-60 seconds for close exposure to items.


Recent picture of public transportion in China using UV-C lights.

UV-C lights to sterilize space in hospitals is extremely common.


Disinfect your space and regain your peace of mind!
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